ASEAN Social Business Conference 2022

Message from Conference Chair

According to the Nobel Laureate, Prof Muhammad Yunus, social business, is “a non-dividend company dedicated to solving human problems.” In his book A World of Three Zeros, Professor Muhammad Yunus supported the idea of rethinking the basic tenets of capitalism, as poverty and unemployment are often been seen as shameful to others, and at the same time how the climatically changes has been threatening the world so much.

Poverty, unemployment and climatically changes should not be seen as an unavoidable cost of economic growth, or seen as natural calamities which societies unable to control. Instead society and leaders should be looking at solutions on addressing these topics which are readily available to be applied and expand in both developing and developed countries.

The ASEAN Social Business Conference 2022 will be focusing on the issues relevant to the 3 Zeros, with the theme “Towards Achieving a World of 3 Zeros” which will take place from November 03 to 04, 2022, organized by INTI International University and in collaboration with Al Bukhary University, Malaysia, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia, Shinawatra University, Thailand, My Harapan, Malaysia and Yayasan Amal INTI.


We believe that education must change to meet the needs of tomorrow's world through a research culture among academics and researchers, hence INTI International University is supporting those research efforts with the INTI International University Conference Grant 2022, with up to USD2,000 to cover your expenses while attending our Conference.